WPST is located in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, home of the world famous "Punxy Phil". Notorious even before the popular "Ground Hog Day" movie was made, people from around the world come to see Phil every February 2nd at Gobbler's Knob.

Instructor, Marc Jordan

Punxsutawney is situated in western Pennsylvania in Jefferson County which is approximately 80 miles northeast of Pittsburgh and about 80 miles east of Ohio, and 100 miles south of Erie, accessible via Interstate 80, U.S.Route 119 and state Route 36.

WPST is located 17 miles south of Interstate 80 and 3 miles north of downtown Punxsutawney on Route 36. Get Map

For after school activities, you may want to check out PA State Game Lands #31 which is only a few miles from WPST for hunting and hiking opportunities. In addition, Cloe Lake and several area streams are favorite places for the avid angler. Cook Forest and Clear Creek State are about 29 miles north of WPST, and these state parks have many activities such as camping, canoeing, hunting, hiking, fishing, picnicing, biking, and horseback riding.


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